Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feather's Reflection (an excerpt from Two's Day)

by: K. Jefferson

In the gift, I am ever present...
living and dying.
rising and falling.
victor and victim.
mother and father.
sage and scientist.
savior and saboteur.
ailment and cure.
creator and destroyer.
selfless and self-centered.
odd and even.
a free-spirited embodiment.
evolved animal. devolving human.
enlightened and gravity bound.
patron saint of all & nothing.
surely uncertain.
pretty ugly.
black & blue and black & yella.
his and hers.
anti-social...but her fly (butterfly).
formidable and feeble.
friend and foe.
lover and loather.
unknown knower.
a wolf in wool.
purely concentrated.
simply complex.
clearly ambiguous.
still rotating. 
over and under.
in and out.
outside and in between.
ex and why.
knight mares and day ZzZz's.

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