Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feather's Reflection (an excerpt from Two's Day)

by: K. Jefferson

In the gift, I am ever present...
living and dying.
rising and falling.
victor and victim.
mother and father.
sage and scientist.
savior and saboteur.
ailment and cure.
creator and destroyer.
selfless and self-centered.
odd and even.
a free-spirited embodiment.
evolved animal. devolving human.
enlightened and gravity bound.
patron saint of all & nothing.
surely uncertain.
pretty ugly.
black & blue and black & yella.
his and hers.
anti-social...but her fly (butterfly).
formidable and feeble.
friend and foe.
lover and loather.
unknown knower.
a wolf in wool.
purely concentrated.
simply complex.
clearly ambiguous.
still rotating. 
over and under.
in and out.
outside and in between.
ex and why.
knight mares and day ZzZz's.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Feather (an excerpt from "Two's Day")

What follows is an extremely brief excerpt from an impending writing project, I am currently working to complete. The body of work is tentatively titled, "Two's Day".
by: K. Jefferson

"Fly," she said to me, gently brushing aside a stray strand of undercolor, while adjusting and grooming my wings.

I wanted with all my heart to do so. Yet, my fear was an anchor around my ankles, holding me captive to the laws of gravity.

"Forget reality as you know it now...as you've always known it. Open yourself only to the endless possibilities of it all. Do not believe for a moment that any of it is concrete, for that very moment will be your undoing...and the fall will be very real," she urged.

I trusted her. A trembling right hand slipped into hers. She squeezed it reassuringly. "And whatever you do, don't go against the wind. Glide with it. Feel it beneath you. Be one with it," she instructed.

I shook my head nervously; an elementary gesture. I felt childish for being afraid. Me, the dare devil. The rogue. The silently audacious one who endeavoured to defy the odds, now nothing more than a wincing ninny.

Before I could delve further into my self-negating mental banter, she whispered "it is time," in barely audible brain-speak. I could not have predicted the push, though I should have expected it. My equilibrium flew off-center. A clever betrayal. Damn her! Or more appropriately, she damned me.

It registered moments after she shoved me off of the cloud. Moments far too late to be avenged. The fall would last forever, and it would be very real.

And so, I am Feather; an entity catapulted from the clouds by the hands of Grace.

My story begins as an end.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Channel Surfer

I don't have anything divine to say. Incidentally, I never do. It's all random outpourings to me.

Spirit eggs the mind on. The mind controls the rest of me. I obey. . . and you get blogs, songs, poems, sporadic conversation, and all other manner of whateverness as a result.

Thank the Great Beyond.

I'm just channeling.

And most times, I generally have no idea what I'm doing as I ride the wave.

- kj

Monday, December 12, 2011

Conversations With The Sun

by: k. jefferson

"So what does it mean?" he asks me, wide-eyed and curious, on yesterday as he studies my tattoo.

"It's the Om symbol. It means the seen/unseen, manifest/unmanifest, omnipotent/omnipresent, oneness/wholeness, the absolute...everything there was, is, and ever will be. I chant it "Om" when I meditate to connect with the universe."

"Why that one?" he probes.

"Well, because it symbolizes what phase I'm approaching in life right now. . . and well. . . since tattoos are pretty permanent and I have no regrets in life, in a way it also symbolizes how strongly I'm committing myself to what it stands for."

"I see. So what does the old one on your foot mean?" he continues.

"That one's a symbol for the word 'Rebel'," I reply.

"And so why that one? And why on your foot?" he presses on.

"Because...when a person takes that first step towards enlightenment, initially they rebel in a sense. They are choosing in that moment to go against the grain. You often go through a process of learning and seeking greater knowledge but also un-learning or rejecting everything you've been taught. It's like your eyes are opening for the first time and everything you thought to be true about the world, you soon discover, is not at all what you've been programmed to think it is. You start going around trying to tell everyone to know about this "new" knowledge you've acquired. You quote texts & can cite scriptures, books, documents, you've read. You have a point to prove. So, you're a rebel then. . . but that is the first step. A baby step. That's why it's on my foot...the lowest part of my body."

"Okay, I see." he nods. "And so now you have the Om symbol."

"Yes, I have the Om symbol now...because I've grown out of that old phase over the years, and I've been slowly transitioning over to this new one. It's higher up on my body. On my hand. . . my right one. . . my dominant hand that I do everything with - especially write and create. The right brain controls the left side - which is subconscious/creative/abstract/dream energy and the left brain controls the right side of the body - which is conscious/analytical/logical/physical energy. Since my right hand is my writing hand (controlled by the left brain), I want to always use it as a weapon for good.

I want what I'm doing in this life to have a positive impact in the long run. I want to reach people and access something deep inside them. I don't want to be just another person simply existing while seeing the conditions of the world and doing nothing about it. . . moving on with some insignificant personal life, and getting wrapped up in shit that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, while there's so much on the planet that needs healing. I want to be a bridge...a connection...something that unites different social classes, religions & races of people. I need to see that happen.

I need to experience true inner peace. That's where I'm at right now...and as I slide further over into this stage, I know one of the main lessons is to first achieve that peace within myself before I can mirror it in the world around me. Mastery through discipline, mental clarity, meditation, focus, humanitarianism, selfless acts, patience, peaceful resolution, philosophy, universal love, etc...and no longer by force, coercion, debates, protest, competition, a need to prove one's self/worth, egotism & rebellion. I need to feel "one" with it all...but I can't if it's all scattered and divided. So I have to do my part to help change that...inside me first though. Then out there." I explain...forgetting that he's just a boy for a moment and probably doesn't comprehend all of this.

I was wrong for doubting him.

He grabs my hand from across the bed and squeezes it as he stares over at me. "So it's more than just a tattoo. It's like a barrier. It channels your energy but helps you keep it under control. The left side is already calm. You know how to use it already. You're comfortable with that side.That's why you're putting them on the right side...to help you balance. I understand..."

He does.

And I love him even more for it.

He must have felt the thought when it surfaced. Half kneeling & half laying on the bed, he gets up from his spot, walks around to where I am sitting on the bed, and hugs me tightly.

No more words between us. We stay this way for several minutes...until I break the awkward silence humorously (as I always do whenever I'm nervous or afraid of feeling too vulnerable), "I'm sorry that your mother's a hippy."

He shakes his head, and asks jokingly,"Who are you? Are you my mother?". Then continues with, "Cuz you're saying that like something's wrong with it," as he stares at me.

I smile while holding back tears I don't want him to see. He leaves the room for a moment, watery eyed.

I cry for the 2nd time in one day (which is so overwhelming & out of character for me - lol). I wipe my eyes and clear my throat before he steps back in.

The moment is done. Another experience has been gained, and will be filed in the deep recesses of our memory banks forever.

I go back to hiding behind my armor as means of protection while I do my part to ensure the world's a better place....for him...and for all the suns & moons of the future.

"Let's watch a movie," I suggest.

Back to normal. Or so I thought.

"So...when are you getting another one?" he asks before we move on.

I tell him, "When it's time."

- kj

Sunday, December 11, 2011


by: K. Jefferson

I sometimes want to express things, and can't find the words. In those moments, I often let my mind pour out what it wants to. I figure if I keep my fingers moving as I type whatever random thought that comes to mind, perhaps the chaos will organize itself and well.. form a cohesive point. Almost like a sloppy free association practice. Let's see what comes out:

Fee Fi Fo Fum. Freedom. Dee Dum. We bum. Bomb. Ton. Nun. Stun gun. Sting ray. Bengal. Tiger. Liger. Lion. Zebra. Gazelle. Serengetti. Nubia. Nile. Kemet. Pyramid. Sirus B. Dogon. Dog star. Polar opposites. Populace. Humanity. Insanity's definition. Einstein. Mankind. Self Destruct. Tilt. Balance. Challenge. Chalice. Malice. Salad. Phallus. Dallas. Maverick. Average. Cabbage. Patch. Kids. E.T. Gee Whiz. Cheese Whiz. They still make that? It was the shit back in the 90's. In Living Color. Fly girls. Dance routines. Schedules. Daily grind. Outta time. 1999. Prince. Michael. Prince Michael. Blanket. Lionus. Snoopy. Goofy. Scooby Doo. Scrappy was wack. Marmaduke. Ma Dukes. Street light hoops. Shirts & skins. GAME...BLOUSES. Trousers. Britches <-- Grandma. Country. Southern. Cornbread. Skillet. Fish grease. Did you fry the chicken in that too? And you saved it on the stove? Crisco can. Canned goods. Food drive. I need to call that Women's shelter. Volunteer. Tears upon deaf ears. She needs it more than I do. Give. Live. Live. Give. Gifts. Christmas. List us. This? Must. Materialism celebrated. Spend spend spend! Consumers 'r Us. Toys. Jeffrey the Giraffe. Aww . . Hearts. False starts. Start again. Do not pass "Go". Do not collect $200. Do not adjust your stereo. Lab. Cab. Californication. Play Station. 360. Live. Wii Wee. Jive. Pee Wee. Herman Memorial. Service. Church of God on the mountaintop speaking to a blind man about what he saw on Maury last week. End. Begin. Again. Begin again. Beginning? End? Or just continue....


Friday, December 9, 2011

Passengers on the Train of Thought

by: K. Jefferson

Ran into a friend/co-worker on the train yesterday; a wonderful Piscean woman I know whose energy I absolutely adore. There's just something to the Aries-Pisces connection that is marked by abstract thought, intuition, an unconventional take on spirituality, the unseen themes behind external events, and the ability to freakin' read each others' minds & spirits at all times. LOL... I'm sure the females I am closely connected with are laughing and nodding as they read this.

We represent the Alpha-Omega principle. Aries being the beginning of a cycle and Pisces signifying the ending of a cycle before the ascension into a new one (started over by Aries again)... and the cycles continue. We inherently understand that life is series of infinite cycles of change (or deaths & rebirths). We ensure that it keeps happening. It must.

Anyway, so as we're riding on the train (of thought - perhaps, in the grand design), the conversation sparks up randomly about our personal connections with people - especially romantically. What was both reaffirmed by both of us by the end of it, was as follows... and it is not law. It is just our realization based on our experiences and observations in life. And life is the most divine teacher.

A person is a symbol. Beyond what you see, they are a combination of qualities, attributes, elements, and energies....each individual as unique as a fingerprint, though bound by the same life force/source. As we connect with one another in life, we share those combinations with each other.

I am beginning to believe more and more through experience, analysis, observation, meditation and opening myself up more to channel divine wisdom, that our connections (friendships, relationships, affairs, encounters, etc) represent lessons at each turn. We don't realize it as we're going through the experience with that person at the time. It is usually in hindsight that it hits us, and the jigsaw falls into place revealing a more complex puzzle that spans on into the distant relative future.

Often times, we have a tendency to try to force people to be what we want them to be or yearn for situations to turn out the way we want them to. However, there's an ultimate design. That person or situation was what who/what they needed to be, when/where they needed to be it. They had a specific mission and purpose for presenting themselves to you at a specific point in time in your life.

Perhaps they represent qualities that you need to reactivate within yourself. Maybe they possess the structure that you'd like to solidify in your own life. Further still, some people are meant to test your abilities. Are you really as strong, spiritual, successful, principled, faithful, loyal, loving, virtuous, honest, generous, etc. as you claim to be?

"Let's see what you've got," those last types of energies/people seem to say to us subconsciously. Ex: That horrible situation where your partner criticizes every quality you possess, makes you doubt everything about yourself, preying heavily on your insecurities, could serve to pull out the will in you to find the beauty within yourself...and when you find it, you move on - leaving that situation (lesson) behind.

What we have to understand is that we are more than man, woman, black, white, human, earthling, ... we are life energy. And life energy is infinite and can not ever completely be contained - nor does it ever truly die. It regenerates itself through another birth into something else.

So as much as we'd like to keep the people in our lives on a leash, control them, hold them too tightly, etc...we do not own them. They have free will to choose their own course, and we can not keep them from their lessons. Let us always be reminded of that at every juncture.

Embrace the energy when it presents itself.  Surrender yourself to the sights, sounds and sensations of the experience. Use your intuition to instinctively notice when it's time to act or be still or ebb & flow. And when it's time to let go, thank the experience for finding you and do so...or you'll stunt your own growth.

The Creator/Destroyer/Life Force is omniscient (ever present). It is everywhere, in everything (including us), at every turn, in every moment. From the cosmos to the grain of sand to that crackhead on the corner to the dancer in the strip club to the micro-organisms. . . all of it. I call it "God" for the sake of conversation.

But that label sounds infantile. One can not confine the unfathomable and bind it to a name or concrete entity. Know that, like you, the people we come into contact with are a part of that same energy.


- kj

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Love & Obligation

by: k. jefferson

A friend and I had this discussion a while back. I was in this dilemma of the heart, torn within myself, and there never seemed to be any resolution. Perhaps one of you reading this can offer up words.

Allow me to paint a scenario, if you will.

There is someone in your life who's now become a very close friend over the years. They're considerate, thoughtful, mannerable, always there for you in times of need, you can communicate with them, etc. They are all the things you'd desire in a potential partner.

However...and there's always that "however". You expected it, didn't you? lol... However, in your heart of hearts, you know there is something missing. That spark. That mutual chemistry. That feeling of  "this is the one...and no matter what challenges we have to go through to make it work, I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of creating something beautiful with him/her."

And no matter how much you'd like for your close friend to fill that position, you know deep down in the long run, it wouldn't fit. . . because you know yourself and what truly makes you happy and keeps you engaged/involved better than anyone else.

They've expressed they want more in the past...i.e. exclusivity and possibly a relationship. You've expressed in a matter of words that you're just not there with them. When your needs don't quite match up, it's certainly not a solid foundation to base any relationship on. You back away, because being around them feels too painful at times, knowing that you don't want what they want. You don't want to lead them on.

Still there's a part of you that feels almost obligated to be with this person because of all the wonderful things about them. A part of you that feels like they've done everything to deserve you. They've put in major work. They've earned a right to be in your life. And you want them there...just not necessarily in that capacity. You've thought about it several times. Even battled yourself internally about it. . . but something just doesn't add up, and deep down you know it...but you feel like you may be cheating yourself out of something special if you let the moment pass you by.

So the question that begs to be anwered is this... In situations such as these, what do you do? Do you wait and perhaps someday platonic love will grow into romantic love (for lack of a better term)? Do you risk trying out a relationship with them to see what happens, possibly damaging your friendship if it doesn't turn out right in the future? Do you back away altogether and let go of a wonderful, beautifully spirited friend who you absolutely want in your life to some degree? By wanting to hold on to our friendship, am I indirectly blocking the way for the right person to come into both of our lives?

Why does it have to be so confusing?

The Student of Life...and the Queen of Hearts.